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Best recent iPad apps, part 2

August 17, 2014

By Al Fasoldt
Copyright © 2014, Al Fasoldt
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Every year I make a list of the best recent iPad apps. The first part of my list appeared two weeks ago. (Read it here: www.technofileonline.com/texts/tec080314.html.) Here are the final 10 apps. They're all available at the App Store.


1. CineTap (Free). Netflix, which streams movies and TV shows to your computer or TV set for less than $10 a month, is the best thing since the invention of the remote control. This app helps you find the movies and TV shows you like to watch, showing who was in the casts and much more. Great for tracking new releases, too.

App shopping:

2. AppAdvice ($1.99). News and reviews. Great way to browse interesting apps without trying to wade through more than a million of them.

3. Appsgonefree (Free). Apart from the need for the developer of this app to learn how to write the app name in an less confusing way, this is fabulous. Apps that were paid but are now free are listed. Updated daily.


4. Amigo Pancho: (Free). “Instant classic” according to one reviewer. Great game for killing time.

5. Atomus HD: (Free). Swirling patterns you make yourself. Must for letting children entertain themselves.

6. Sounddrop (Free). Little balls drop with a “pong” sound. Your job is to make them musical by drawing barriers. Addictive.


7. Krebs on Security (Free). Website you can turn into an app using the "Add to Home Screen" function in Safari (touch the symbol of the box with an arrow pointing out). Brian Krebs is one of the world’s top experts on Internet security. Written well, sometimes scary.

8. AugmentRuler ($.99). Measure any object with a simple, clever trick of photography.

9. Khan Academy (Free). Unique in its field. Source app for educational, scientific, cultural and social talks, videos, lectures and more.

10. Level: (Free). Works just like the level you’d use in a wood shop.