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Best recent iPad apps, part 1

August 3, 2014

By Al Fasoldt
Copyright © 2014, Al Fasoldt
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Every year make a list of the best recent iPad apps. Here are the first 10. I'll have the next 10 in a week or two. They're all available at the App Store.


1. Calculator HD Free: (Free). Provides “paper tape” of calculations. (Note: Has degree sign after “HD” in the name.)

Photo and video:

2. Repix: (Free) Fun photo-manipulation app, marred by in-app purchases.

3. Type art: ($4.99) Who says you can’t play with fonts on the iPad? Type some text and choose a font. You won’t see any font names, but that might not matter. You can copy and paste the results into Pages or any other word processor.


4. News360: (Free). Like Zite. Offers multiple sources on many stories.

5. BBC News: (Free). Up-to-the-minute, objective. Good photos.

6. ePost-Standard: (Free). Read the actual newspaper. App makes it easier to read the paper than by using a computer. (Subscription required.) This has been updated for better display on Retina iPads.

Astronomy and geography:

7. SkySafari ($2.99). Lets your iPad show you what’s in the night sky at your location. Many other features.

8. Earth 3D ($.99). A 3D globe that shows cities and landmarks in stunning pop-up fashion. Easily the most impressive Earth globe ever.


9. Cardiograph ($1.99). Turns your iPad into a medical instrument that can track your pulse.

10. AroundMe (Free). Locates businesses and other establishments in your location as determined by your iPad's GPS or its built-in non-GPS positioning.