Revo's coolness factor will make you smile every time you use it.
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Revo helps uninstall Windows programs

April 5, 2009

By Al Fasoldt
Copyright © 2009, Al Fasoldt
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   Every now and then something comes along that just blows away the competition.
   That's what I think about Revo Uninstaller, a Windows program that removes all traces of any program. It works better than any uninstaller I've ever used.
   I'd pay $40 for a utility that worked so well. But Revo is an example of the power of free software. It's a splendid program with a zillion features and a superb, no-frills interface that just happens to cost nothing at all.
   You can get Revo from www.revouninstaller.com. There are no catches and the installer won't slip a cache of spyware into your computer when you're not looking.
   Revo's coolness factor will make you smile every time you use it. It doesn't just remove programs from Windows; it removes all the detritus they leave behind, too. Revo can use the built-in "uninstall" function in Windows (in the Control Panel) or a program's own uninstall function. But it doesn't need to. It will track down and zap all traces of any program even if Windows can't deal with it and even if the program itself has lost all its uninstall links.
   Most impressive, to me, was the way Revo cleans out the Windows registry of all signs of the program you're removing. All its related files and registry entries are vacuumed out, too.
   Revo even lets you choose a program for removal simply by clicking on its window. This means you don't have to know what a program is called or where it's stored. As soon as you see it run, just identify it to Revo and the offending software will be banished forever.
   Revo's ability to get rid of all signs of a program make it ideal for cleaning out financial programs or other programs that contain personal data. Windows computers are especially vulnerable to data sniffers, so using Revo Uninstaller each time you get rid of a program would make a lot of sense.
   What about Mac programs? Is there an uninstaller like Revo for Macs? Macs have a much simpler structure -- there's no registry, for example -- but programs can still leave behind traces that clog the system. In a coming column I'll tell you about a Mac uninstaller. And to help prevent problems with programs, I'll suggest ways Windows and Mac users can install software safely.