A great find: EditGrid, an online spreadsheet program largely compatible with Excel, for Windows, Macs and Linux PCs.
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Readers suggest 10 free programs

Feb. 14, 2010

By Al Fasoldt
Copyright © 2010, Al Fasoldt
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   I'm offering Valentines to everyone this week -- 10 free programs suggested by readers who were responding to my series called "Stop Paying for Software."
   (You'll find all the columns in the first part of that series at www.technofileonline.com/recent.html. The series will resume next week.)
   I've tried some of these, but most are new to me.
   First, a few reader-recommended Web sites with good free software: http://blacklistsoft.com, for security programs; www.techsupportalert.com, for reviews of various freeware programs and links for dowwnloads, and http://ninite.com, for an unusual free method of installing many good freeware programs in one operation.
   Now to the freeware itself:
   Ahnenblatt genealogy software for Windows, from www.ahnenblatt.com. Good free genealogy software is rare. This is a real find.
   Paint.Net, a Photoshop-like image editor for Windows, from www.getpaint.net. PC World magazine rates this software highly. If you still use Microsoft Paint, switch to Paint.Net.
   SnapNDrag screen capture utility for Macs, from www.yellowmug.com/snapndrag. Most users don't know how to capture screen shots. This program has a great reputation.
   GraphicConverter, which will display, convert and print virtually any kind of image, for Macs. From www.lemkesoft.com. I use a paid-for version of this program. The free version is very good.
   Inkscape drawing software for Windows and Macs, from http://inkscape.osuosl.org. A scalable vector graphics (SVG) program with a lot of users.
   7-zip, a compression and extraction (archiving) program for Windows, from www.7-zip.org. Lots of fans, good support.
   SyncToy, a Microsoft freebie that keeps files the same (in sync) between two drives. From http://tinyurl.com/2cu9fh (this is a shortened URL because the original Microsoft address was impossibly complex).
   EditGrid, an online spreadsheet program largely compatible with Excel, for Windows, Macs and Linux PCs. Go to www.editgrid.com.
   Yokohama Photo Print Calendar for Windows, from www.freeware-guide.com/rareware/PhotoPrintCalendar.html. A little old fashioned in its graphics, but it's free and works well, with a lot of users.
   Digital Photo Librarian for Windows, from www.oneilsoftware.com. There are a lot of good free image editors, but this one is a sleeper. Very nice.