iView Media Pro can catalog and manage hundreds of thousands of photos.
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iView Media Pro: Image management at its best for Windows and OS X Macs

Aug. 29, 2006

By Al Fasoldt
Copyright © 2006, Al Fasoldt

   iView Media Pro isn't the only pro-level image management program, so don't assume that my enthusiasm for iView Media Pro precludes an endorsement of other software. But I like iView Media Pro for specific reasons that might match the requirements you have for a digital image management program.
   1. iView Media Pro is easy to "get into" when you're learning how to use it. Nearly everything about it makes sense. A vertical pane on the left (which can be turned on or off with a click) shows folders in the file system, and the rest of the program window displays either thumbnails or a single, large view of the selected photo.
   2. iView Media Pro is fast. Scrolling through thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of photos is quick even on computers that are only moderately powerful. (iView Media Pro runs on both Windows PCs and OS X Macintoshes with the same speed and functions.)
   3. iView Media Pro can catalog and manage hundreds of thousands of photos. The limit for each catalog is 128,000 photos, and you can create as many catalogs as you want and quickly switch from one to another.
   4. iView Media Pro makes sorting easy. You can rapidly sort by many different criteria such as date, keyword or size or by file location (by folder, for example).
   5. The software is able to locate and list duplicate images regardless of whether their names are alike or different, and the search for duplicates can be made "fuzzy" so that duplicates that have been edited and altered can be flagged also.
   6. iView Media Pro's Light Table provides a very fast image comparison function. Select two or more images and click the Light Table button to view close-ups of those photos in a synchronized way. (Drag one and all move, for example.) I know of no easier or better way to compare editing effects on the same photo.
   7. The program creates large view files that are used in place of what is usually even larger original files for browsing and viewing. This makes iView Media Pro very fast at viewing large images. The large view files never get in the way; you can easily view or edit the original.
   8. iView Media Pro can catalog videos, PDFs, texts, fonts and other files as well as images.