We'll send it to your house directly or a bank of your choice using diplomatic courier service. The most important thing is that can we trust you?
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Scams like this should make you puke

July 27, 2006

By Al Fasoldt
Copyright © 2006, Al Fasoldt

   Not a polite way to ease you into this, I know. But this ought to make you puke. Sometimes words that hide the truth get in the way. Even the ones I'm using seem too tame.
   I got this scam letter today. Maybe my reaction is fueled by my years in the U.S. Army. When you are wounded in Vietnam, your feelings change. Maybe. I don't think about it much. Or maybe my early understanding of what is fair and what isn't -- I was a preacher as a boy, and, no, I'm not kidding; a child preacher -- maybe that's what prompts my reaction. But this stuff should bring about the same reaction in you that it does in me. It should make you puke.
   Good Day,
   I hope my email meets you well. I am in need of your assistance. My name is Sgt Ferry Bakker, Jr. I got your contact informations as i was browsing on my free day with my lap top computer in search of some one that will assist us in this venture.
   I am in the Engineering military unit here in Ba'qubah in Iraq,we have about $25 Million US dollars that we want to move out of the country. My partners and I need a good partner someone we can trust. It is oil money and legal.
   But we are moving it through diplomatic means, to send it to your house directly or a bank of your choice using diplomatic courier service.The most important thing is that can we trust you? Once the funds get to you, you take your 30% out and keep our own 70%. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds can be sent to. Our own part is sending it to you.If you are interested i will furnish you with more details. But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times.
   The fund at present is under the custody of a finance company security vault. I want a straight answer from you if you will be interested to make this deal successful for us , you responds and send to me your name , address and phone number.
   I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation.
   You can reach me on via email :
   Waiting for your urgent response. reply me at
   Sgt Ferry Bakker
   Of course you know what this is all about. Right? Of course you know the letter isn't from "Sgt. Ferry Bakker." You know it's not even written by an American. (What American writes like this -- "Reply me"?)
   And you do see what's going on, right? Anyone receiving this e-mail scam would need to be suffering from three deficiencies in order to respond:
   1. An almost incomprehensible gullibility. Believing that someone in the U.S. Army would single you out for a gift of millions of dollars -- and do this by e-mail without even knowing your name (at no time does this letter writer address me by name, and even the TO: address on the letter leaves out my name) -- believing all that seems impossible to fathom.
   2. A heart brimming with larceny and a brain devoid of ethical standards. No one could have graduated from kindergarten without an intrinsic knowledge that the transaction proposed in this letter is patently illegal. No special training is required to know what thievery is. Yet anyone falling for this scam immediately qualifies as a thief in waiting, a larcenist at heart.
   3. An ignorance of e-mail scams that would give Rip Van Winkle insomnia. How could anyone living in the modern world think that an e-mail from someone you don't know seeking to involve you in a crime would be legitimate?
   Yet the only reason -- get this, folks, the sole, solitary, singular, indisputable raison d'scam -- that these scam letters are sent out is the fact that people fall for them. So don't tell me I'm being too dramatic. Don't dismiss this as a rant against a couple of loonies in East North Fiddlewatcher.
   This makes me sick. Will it ever end?
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