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Radio host dead at 63

Gene Wolf, longtime radio host of the Random Access show, guest host of the Point 'n' Click TV show and for many years the most famous advocate of Apple's computers in the Syracuse area Mac community, has been killed in a family dispute.

Read my tribute to Gene.



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1. Bizarre, captivating fireworks

Orofino Fireworks Photo by Al Fasoldt. Copyright © 2015 Al Fasoldt. All rights reserved.

I'D NEVER SEEN a fireworks photo that looked like this until I checked out the images I took Saturday evening after the fireworks ended in Orofino, Idaho. The bizarre shapes of the trails of exploded fireworks seem to have come from an alien world. The camera itself wasn't moving -- note the trees and telephone poles -- so the odd appearance probably was generated by the movement of the camera's shutter. (Camera: Sony F707.)

2. Roping is still an art in the west
Idaho Rodeo Photo by Al Fasoldt. Copyright © 2015 Al Fasoldt. All rights reserved.

A COWGIRL competing in a small-town rodeo in north central Idaho ropes a young steer. The moment was captured with perfect timing by the legendary Sony F707 mirrorless SLR digital camera. The rodeo drew enthusiastic riders and fans despite temperatures that reached 112 degrees.

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