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Gene Wolf dead at 63

Gene Wolf, longtime radio host of the Random Access show, guest host of the Point 'n' Click TV show and for many years the most famous advocate of Apple's computers in the Syracuse area Mac community, has been killed in a family dispute.

Read my tribute to Gene.



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Writing ad copy must be a very boring job
Nonsense? You bet Screen capture by Al Fasoldt. Page copyright © 2015 Al Fasoldt. All rights reserved.

I WAS LOOKING FOR A BETTER BIKE RACK when I saw this item showing a closeup of a design from an otherwise humorless company. The ad copy writer apparently got so bored he (or she) decided to abandon the description in mid-sentence. I'd have to guess the copy writer was most bored with the word "access," so it got substituted by the word "nonsense." Makes no sense to me. I mean, of course, "nonsense."

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