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Al and Nancy Fasoldt
Technology writer and photographer Al Fasoldt is a photographer and retired technology writer. He founded Technofile Online in Syracuse, New York, in the early '90s after a dozen years running the Technofile BBS. He and his wife, Nancy, a retired newspaper editor, host workshops in computers and photography and travel extensively.

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Nancy and me at Smyrna Beach, Florida. Page and photo copyright © 2015 by Al Fasoldt. All rights reserved.

US, FOREVER. This capture from a primitive webcam many years ago sums up the life Nancy and I have enjoyed for a long time. The effects, which simplify color variations and emphasize dark-to-light contrasts, seem well matched to our journey through time. We share all of our interests -- some in ways that clearly show which of us is more passionate, such as cooking, and others in a close togetherness, such as our travels and our devotion to that higher power that binds us all.

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